Terms and conditions lexicons

The various vocabularies used in Our Sitewriting service terms and conditions include:

Agreement: These are the terms and conditions.

Company: The service provider which is offering research and writing services according to the agreed terms.

Writer: The person who is hired by the company to provide the writing services.

Customer: The person who needs the writing services.

Order: A request to get the service.

Product: The final result of the completed order.

Revision: Editing of the product which is initialized by the customer.

Support team: A team that assists and coordinates the order process.

Quality assurance team: The team of people whose role is to evaluate the quality of the product and the service provided.

Messaging system: An interactive feature which allows communication between the customers, the writers and the support team.

Verification process: The procedure that a customer has to undergo in order to confirm his or her billing identity. It is meant to prevent fraud.

Store credit: The customers’ money account within the company

The privacy policy

Our Site is committed to protect customers’ privacy and the customer’s personal information, these including the credit card information will never be shared with any third parties. All transactions made are processed through a secure online system which prevents the customer’s credit card data from being disclosed. However, the company does not fully guarantee disclosing of credit card data which might take place beyond its control.

The customer’s name, email address, phone number and other information provided when placing an order will only be used for verification purposes and for contacting the customer during the processing of the order. The customer support team is available throughout to assist the customers in case of any challenges during order processing.

The nature of the product and the terms of use

Our Site provides a service which locates qualified professionals for the provision of customized research and writing services to customers. These services are unique references which are designed to assist in completion of the customer’s academic obligation. The company does not make any guarantee concerning the customer’s grades as an outcome of submitting the product to any learning institution. The aim of this agreement is to offer the customer an original reference document or a related service as per the customer’s instructions. The company is not responsible for failure of the customer to read the content of the product or improper usage of the product content.

When placing an order, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to register using a valid email address and provide a valid phone number where they can be reached during the processing of the order. Providing invalid contact details will affect the order processing and will result in a violation of the terms and conditions. For the order to be worked on, the customer has to make the payment first. The company is not responsible for the customer’s failure to pay on time. And since the company works according to the customer’s instructions, these instructions must be precise and clear, and any revision requests must be based on the initial requirements of the original order.