A privacy policy that does not exploit

We here at Our Site take pride in the transparency we provide, and the non-exploitative nature of our organization. As an invested customer, we welcome you to our site and encourage you to go through our Privacy Policy page carefully and thoroughly. We understand the concerns of the modern internet user, with internet scamming, phishing, hacking and general fraud prevalent on the Internet. We understand the need for security measures and we advise each of our users to install a Firewall before partaking in any online transactions. Our Privacy and Cookies Policy delineates the policies that are applicable to users that decide to purchase essays and research papers from Our Site and all of those visitors who just browse our website and our library for their convenience. What we gather from the users who visit our website can be divided into two categories: Personally Identifiable Information and NonPersonally Identifiable Information.

What we collect from our verified users

The Personally Identifiable Information that is collected by Our Site is basically information that can be used to identify the user that is making the transactions online. Apart from identifying the user, this information is used to locate or contact the said user – by gathering data such as an address, name, phone number, credit card information, social security number, fax data, email address or financial profiles. The guarantee that Our Site provides is that firstly, their data will be absolutely encrypted – safe from hacking and secondly will not be sold without the consent of the users themselves. Furthermore, those who visit our site should read our Privacy and Cookies Policy as well – as basic user data is collected from anyone who visits our site. This includes names and ISP addresses. Verified users have a greater data collection as we take into account the nature and the size of the advertising inventory that the verified user intends to purchase or sell.

What we do with the information

The data that is collected by Our Site is primarily used for their own purposes – for example, setting demographics and analyzing the web traffic. Secondarily, it is used by our third party vendor services for example credit card companies and banks, who can provide the visitors and the verified users multiple services such as insurance, credit and even escrow services. Our Site cannot govern what the third party vendors do with the information provided to them, but we are very well apprised of disclosing what they intend to do with the information. If any such act is carried out without the knowledge of our organization – legal action can take place. Some third parties are in fact just part of the line of distribution of such information and do not partake in the collection or use of the user data themselves.

Safety is our number one priority

What makes our website one of the leading ones in this business is the importance we place on the safety of our customers and their personal information. Our secure portals and encryption services are set in place to prevent any injustice or theft from taking place and furthermore, we encourage our users to be vigilant of any emails or correspondence they receive from similar sounding websites. Our policies are always made to safeguard the rights of our customers.